About Me




Hi there! I’m Jenna. I’m an experienced communicator, with more than 15 years of serving in marketing and communications leadership roles for both corporate and non-profit entities. I now use my communication and leadership skills to help encourage women to build genuine, authentic relationships with each other by embracing their real, messy lives and walking together to pursue relationships with Jesus.


Things I love:

  • Coffee – black please
  • The color pink (I live in a house full of boys. Pink is my sanity.)
  • Desserts, especially of the chocolate and/or caramel persuasion
  • Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough Ice Cream
  • Reading – any and all books
  • Seeing other people’s messy houses – because mine is always a mess
  • Binging on Netflix
  • I like to pretend I enjoy running but really does anyone actually really like running?

I also love my husband Christopher and my three precious, and energetic boys who basically keep me busy, and one tick shy of crazy, most of the time.

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