As much as I love diving into the messes life, I also really love finding great new products, recipes, and tips to make life a little bit easier. So Fridays here, are going to be all about fun!

I’d love to fancy myself as a “fashion/beauty” blogger, but the reality is I’m just not that girl. I don’t have the patience. But I do love some good products, which is why today I have two great beauty products that literally save my life most days.

First up, is the NYX Professional Makeup Dark Circle Concealer.


This stuff works like a dream. We all experience our fair share of being tired. While some women have hit the genetic lottery in this area and never show any darkening under their eyes, the rest of us mortals know the challenge of covering up the dark circles that just.keep.getting.darker. Whether it’s from lack of sleep or trying to be Wonder Woman all the time, sometimes a girl needs a little extra help. That’s where this stuff comes in to save the day. What I love most about it, is it’s weight and texture. It’s smooth and creamy, but also thin enough that I can easily layer it for the days when the dark circles under my eyes scream “I need coffee STAT.” Yet it’s still lightweight enough to use it as my daily concealer too. In addition, it’s formulated with a slight orange hue which helps to counteract the blue undertones within the dark circles that make them so hard to cover. See – you didn’t know you’d use your 3rd grade color wheel skills again, now did you?

The best part though? This amazing stuff is just $6.00 (and on sale now for $4.50). I’ve been using mine for almost 2 months now, and have barely made a dent, so to say you get your money’s worth would be an understatement.

Now, this is usually wear a more professional blogger when post some great tutorial or before/after photos. But I’m just not that girl…yet! 😉 And it’s Friday – the one day where I literally don’t have to leave the house, so I’m not wasting my makeup to stare at my 1 year old. You feel me?

Next up is the amazing Batiste Clean & Classic Original Dry Shampoo.

BatisteBottleNow, I’ve got to admit, I held off on the dry shampoo craze for a long time. And the first few times I tried it, was confused about all the fuss, because my hair felt dry, and even more dirty. Then I grabbed a can of Batiste and everything changed.

For starters, it smells good – they even have multiple scents – but I stick with original. Not all dry shampoos smell nice, but this one does. It’s fresh and clean, and my hair smells the same when I use it. They’ve designed the spray to be a fine mist too, so I get a nice thin layer, instead of massive spurts of it, allowing me to use a little or use a lot, depending on my hair needs. The best part – it’s only $7.99 and available at Target! Just add that one to your next Target run.

However, here’s the secret that I only recently learned that makes everything 100% better when using DS. You gotta hit it with some heat!

So my process looks something like the following:

  • Spray hair at crown and temples, and anywhere else that looks a little greasy.
  • Massage it into my scalp a little, then let it sit for a few minutes. (This is when I start putting on my makeup usually.)
  • Flip your head over, so you’re hair is hanging down, and blast your roots with your hair dryer, working your hands or a brush through the sections as you go.
  • Style like normal.

Super simple, but the heat from the dryer makes all the difference. Instead of the gunky (is that even a word) feeling I previous had with other DS brands, my hair looks fresh and light. Sometimes even better than the first day I wash it. Days 3 & 4 have no longer require a slicked back ponytail for me.

I hope you love these two products and they make you feel a little more put together, even on your messiest days. Comment below and tell me if you’ve tried them. Or let me know what are some of your favorite beauty products that you can’t live without!

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