It’s a few days past Halloween – and we’re still feeling the affects of it all. Anyone else still on the struggle bus?

This morning it was leftover Halloween cereal to kick start the day with a side of tiny cereal thief.

I often find myself rushing through my meals, my days, the every day, ordinary moments. This morning it was nothing short of heart melting adorable when my littlest guy snuggled up next to me and ever so sweetly says “mama” as he pointed to my cereal. How could I say no? I want to capture moments like that in my memory forever.

Other times though, when the “mama” takes a demanding tone, backed by hostility, it’s far from adorable and endearing. In reality, it reminds me of the ever present fact that eating in peace, or even just eating my meal without help, rarely happens anymore. Saying that, owning that fact, settles deep in my heart with a hint of sadness and resentment at times.

Rest1I absolutely love my kids, but as mothers, we often sacrifice ourselves at the alter of our kids, and then wonder why we feel exhausted, resentful, and even angry. We lose ourselves. We forget that we deserve to care for ourselves just as much as we are called to care for the little ones in our lives. But! But! Trust me, I hear your protests. It’s impossible at times I know. I may, or may not, sneak into the bathroom and lock the door with some leftover candy for an “extra long” bathroom break when the husband finishes up is work.

Finding time for rest and self-care often feels like Mt. Everest in this long days of raising little ones. Our Creator, he knew days would be tough. He knew the work would be exhausting and long. Yet, if we look in the book of Exodus, chapter 34 we see the Lord’s unyielding love for us. Here we see Him providing Moses with some basic instructions. In verse 21 he says,

“Six days you shall labor, but on the seventh day you shall rest; even during the plowing season and harvest you must rest.”

Now, sure we’ve heard the call to rest before. But what about that last part?

“…Even during the plowing season and harvest you must rest.”


What God is telling Moses, and us, is that rest, caring for ourselves, isn’t just a nice to do. It’s a necessity that God laid before Moses. He knew there would be seasons where the work was greater than the available time. When anyone could logically reason that just pushing through, losing some sleep, pushing yourself a little harder was the right thing to do. Yet God is clear, even in those times, we must rest.

Today my #toughthanksgiving is recognizing that in this season, sometimes I need a little more rest, a little more self care, and that’s ok. It’s ok to admit that I can’t do it all. That I’m not a super hero or a woman with endless capacity. That my sweet boy may get a little more TV time for the sake of me being able to finish breakfast, or my coffee, in peace.

And if you’re feeling the strain of an overwhelmed, overworked body and mind, might I suggest a bit of rest, just as the Father calls us too.

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