“The pressure is too much sometimes!”

“Oh gosh! It’s no where near perfect!”

“I’m sorry – it’s such a mess in here.”

“I can’t do THAT! I’m not the right person.”

I hear, and say, the same comments all the time. As women, especially in today’s perfectly curated social media world, we have this desire to keep up a filter of perfection even when we’re a complete mess behind the scenes.

So let me introduction myself. I’m Jenna. I’m a wife and mom. I’ve worked in leadership for both corporate or nonprofit entities, but traded in my briefcase to be a full-time stay-at-home mom. A process that addressed one set of messes and created another.

Jerome and HillaryWhen the pressure of a demanding career was lifted, I began to notice of the struggles of the women around me. The more time I spend with women of all walks of life, the more I’ve realized that we all feel this way. We collectively hold our breaths, hoping others can’t see behind the veneer that we have “it all together.”

Yet, if you’ve ever felt the rush of relief that comes when someone else opens up and share their mess, you know how freeing and life-giving that can be. To breath out. To relax. And to know that you are not alone.


Messy Together was born out of this need. I wanted to create a space where I can be real, and you can be real with me. A space where we can collectively say “Enough is Enough” and can all breathe a sigh of relief. To rest in the fact that God made each of us in his image, and that our messes, our lives, are being used to tell His story. It’s a freedom I’m embracing, and I want you to as well.

So welcome friend! I’m so glad you’re here. And if no one has said it to you, let me the first to say –

You (and your mess) are loved and perfect!

So breathe with me sweet sister.


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